Our Focus

Gate 5 Capital, LLC (G5C) specializes in the acquisition of high volume retail returns, which it sells via an international network of distributors and resellers. 

Product categories include: sporting goods, general merchandise, home improvement, tools, appliances, soft goods, toys and electronics. G5C uses a proprietary algorithm for product placement recommendations within its network of partners. Through its network G5C sells over $150mm in annual gross merchandise volume (GMV). 

G5C's management team is deeply rooted in retail returns, supply chain logistics and analytics.

G5C is a Montage Capital portfolio company. 



Sebastian Baerend, CEO

Sebastian Baerend, CEO

John Evans, Phd,   CTO

John Evans, Phd, CTO

Sebastian Baerend is the Managing Partner of Gate 5 Capital.

Prior to Gate 5 Capital, Baerend was the Chairman & CEO of Fusion Surplus Solutions, Inc. Founded in 2012 Fusion is a global B2B marketplace for retail returns from major retailers including Walmart, Amazon.com, The Home Depot and other big box retailers. 

Before launching BidOnFusion Sebastian was the founder and CEO of SAM Auction Software, LLC, an award winning auction software company with over 100 clients in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. SAM was acquired by BidPath in early 2015.

Sebastian currently serves as a member of the board of the Utility Exchange, TransLGX and is a member of the Enterprise CEO Round Table at the Silicon Valley Capital Club. He also serves as interim CEO of TransLGX, a company aiming to add Uber-like efficiencies to the $650 billion US trucking industry. 

Andreas Keller, VP Operations                     

Andreas Keller, VP Operations                   

Andreas Keller is Gate 5 Capital’s Chief Operations Officer. Prior to Gate 5 Mr. Keller served as VP Operations at Fusion Surplus Solutions, a national marketplace for retail overstock and returns. Before joining Fusion he spent over 20 years in retail and investment banking.

Andreas's background presents a strong and rare combination of finance, logistics and operations, making him an ideal fit for this role. 

John Evans is the Chief Technology Officer with Gate 5 Capital.  

Previous to Gate 5, he supervised Operations for Fusion Surplus Solutions, which was a B2B marketplace for retail returns.  He also worked as a Project Manager for SAM Auction Software and SWB Consulting.  He has consulted  for companies including Path-wise Corp, which was a market place for cattle genetics.  He also advised Pardalis Inc, which is a supply chain and traceability solution.

He has also been a faculty member at Oklahoma State University, a research scientist for the California Department of Food and Agriculture, instructor at CSU Chico, and an industry consultant for several agriculture-based startup companies. John has advanced degrees in Agriculture, Animal Science, and Genetics from Colorado State University and CSU Chico. 

Christian Loughran, EVP Partner Development

Christian Loughran, EVP Partner Development

Christian Loughran is in charge of Partner Development at Gate 5 Capital.

Prior to joining Gate 5 Capital, Loughran was the Executive Director and Managing Partner of Statim Biomedical - an exclusive medical device distributor of orthopedic implants throughout the Southwest. Christian comes to us with extensive experience managing all sales and operational functions for several fortune 500 companies.  Well-developed skills performing strategic sales forecasting and planning, launching new products, and overseeing talent acquisition. Loughran is a dedicated sales leader with a proven track record of success building strong relationships with C-level executives, increasing sales revenue and reducing costs.